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Binamay International Pvt. Ltd.


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Binamay International Pvt. Ltd.

GPO Box: 7610,

Phone: +977-1-4107200, 4107079

Mobile: 9801011695 Fax: +977-1-4107065


Binamay, one of the leading manpower supplier of Nepal has been working for the supply of a quality & responsible manpower abroad since .....years. During this period, it has proved to be a sincere, dedicated, honest and adorable manpower all over Nation. The volume of supply of manpower is increasing day by day in a very rapid manner due to the hardwork and dedication of the staff members of this organizations. During this short time Binamay has gained a good reputation and goodwill. Obviously, this is the main reason to have a good faith on the citizens of Nepal and as well as the employers abroad. Here in Binamay, we provide a good hospitality and warm welcome to all of our clients and well wishers. We take better care of the citizens of Nepal & as well to our employers who visit time to time to our office. We have also invested a lot of money in the social welfare programmes in Nepal. That is why our social responsibility & reputation has mound up in a very terrific way.

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