Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal

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About Us Introduction

At Proshore, everything revolves around new media. It is our passion to devise, design, and realize new media solutions. We employ our own method when doing so. It is a project approach that we stand for and that we do not deviate from. Not even if a customer so requests. Because too many IT, ICT, and new media projects fail due to wrong strategic choices, a clumsy cascade approach, or insufficient attention to the actual users. And failing is something that we don’t do. Hence our own project approach that has proven successful and allows us to achieve rapid and relevant results by taking smart steps. 

This is how we see it

We are extremely enthusiastic about the internet. So many cool developments are taking place! Collaboration at a global level, transparency, and development opportunities regardless of where you were born: these are the things that we get out of bed for every day. International entrepreneurship and teamwork are the things that drive us. We consider political and geographical boundaries to be insignificant. We believe in the power of collaborating cultures. Cultural diversity in a team generates refreshing, new ideas. Solutions that make a difference. Either locally or globally. Working with other entrepreneurs - inventors, self-employed persons with an idea, and visionaries - gives us energy. We get the most joy out of helping them realize their dreams.